Eial Ovin

I was born in Kibbutz Sa’ar in the Western Galilee. Kibbutz Saar sits a few miles away from the Lebanon border, in a magnificent setting of earth and sea. My life was always a balance of extreme adventures, exploring the outdoors and wood crafting. Years after combatting with PTSD, I found woodworking to be my home, again. The Healing Mezuzah Project is a place where I take the experiences of my past and use my love of crafting to make Olive-wood from my kibbutz into Mezuzahs. A feeling of home.

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Team Paz

"Tzevet" Paz is Eial's squad in the Israeli Defense Force. Eial served in the special forces of the Paratroopers along side many brave soldiers during operation protective edge in 2014. Eial's story speaks about his ability to cope with much of his past through the creation of art.

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